Monday, September 13, 2010

Faster than the speed of a month

Okay, let's see whats going on this week. The movie season is starting to get all serious and the Xbox 360 is dropping plenty of bro pro games. But still a new Fallout.

Looks like Green Lantern 2 or The Flash movies are going to be moving up in schedule. I'm betting Green Lantern 2 gets made regardless. Of course, what do I know.

Another Resident Evil movie is going to get finally get made after the newest hit #1 in the box office. I stopped caring after the first took were terrible. And I cannot figure out why people are going to see that and didn't even step near Scott Pilgrim. Must be Milla.

So IFC dropped a heavy bill to pick up Super. A movie with Raine Wilson as a superhero. Looks like Kick Ass, but.....naw it's exactly like Kick Ass, but still looks funny.

Some information on Star Trek 2 is coming out of Deadline. Probably just vague hints at a possible plot, but whatev.

Personally I never read the Dark Tower series, but this whole deal they have going on is slightly insane and really think it will fall apart fairly early.

This haunted Majoras Mask story has given me the heebie jeebies. I think I misspelled that.

Humans recreating Pac-Man. How swell. Thanks internet.

Here's the new Fallout card game called Caravan. Okay, it's more a description, but it's something.

Mario turns 25 today. Happy Birthday you fictional character.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Atari Lynx

Nothing much about the Atari Lynx, but if you had one kudos on spending a lot of money on a shitty system. Well played.

Unfortunately Glen Shadix from Beetlejuice and other films has passed on today. Never did reach his peak stardom, but will always be remembered in the hearts of people that have seen a film with him in it.

My new favorite show Psych is making a Twin Peaks episode for their Fall run. Not to mention there sure a lot of cameos going to be made. I'm psyched, no pun intended.

Finally a new Spy Kids movie, or a reboot. Still not sure what this is or why it is coming out. Seems like a reboot that they could just call something else at this point.

Topless Robot has the shorts about the Old Miss campaign to get Admiral Ackbar to be their school mascot. Not really about sports, nor Star Wars, still amusing.

They are finally getting around to making a sequel to the Atari 2600 game Haunted House. Can't believe it took them sooo long. Big plus, the eyes are returning.

I like these co-splay pictures of Team Rocket because I can't figure out how he/she can get their hair to stand like that. Is it a wig, a lot of hair applications, maybe an internal rod. I don't know!

This is what college is truly for, transforming a building into a recreation of Donkey Kong. If college is for something else, then their doing it all wrong.

Some new pics of Captain America and Hydra have come up online. It seems to be coming along splendidly, or terribly depending on what type of person you are.

If your a fan of The Dark Tower series, your in luck. There is some crazy set up going for the live action movie/tv trilogy/series. It's so crazy it just might work.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Brighter Days

I do intend on continuing this and it is not forgotten. Unfortunate turns and the fact of moving have forced and somewhat unintended hiatus of writings. Add onto that the absence of actual internet service and then actually falling the things I write about on there. In other words, I didn't have internet and couldn't read about what was happening, nor could I write anything for a while. Now that it is up and running I intend to post more. I swear. But first....

Last night I went to see The Other Guys with Will Ferrel and Marky Mark Wahlburg. Their a pair of bumbling cops, you know cop comedy. Either way, I showed up a few minutes late because usually the previews I want to see I have already seen and anything else is probably already out since this movie came out a few weeks ago and I'm old hat. "Are the trailers still playing?", I asked the somewhat confused cashier and was told that yes they were still playing. Upon reaching the dedicated theater I find that NONE of the trailers have started. Apparently the film had broke or something was wrong because it took them about 20 minutes to finally get the film to play. I wasn't expecting much, but the guy near me was pissed. I could see the red on his face and I tried not to laugh. Sooo, funny. I considered going to see Machete, but I'll save that for another day.

The film itself wasn't pee your pants funny, but there was quite alot to laugh at. Will Ferrell didn't portray his man child image and it was more dumb than silly. However, alot of his films have something worth quoting or something in them were I would just bust out laughing for a while, but this film just didn't seem to have that moment. Sure, I laughed at alot of it, but not loudly enough. Maybe it was the previous mishap, which really didn't bother me. I was seeing a month old movie. While I wasn't sure if the action scenes were supposed to be slow paced or if it was just unfortunately made that way, either way the action was pretty dull. Not quite the thrill of most of the large budget CGI fests, but I've seen better with less. Maybe that was the point, I don't know.

A little past the 3/4 point of the film, the little pre-movie slide presentation begins superimposing itself over the film. Now, sure that was annoying, especially since most of the slides would cover the entire film with their solid dark blue backgrounds, I just kind of laughed and had to tell the employees their stupid slide show is blocking the film. While I know I should have been angry, it honestly wasn't a film that I HAD to see everything. There really wasn't much going on in the frames and probably could have played as a radio play for most of it and it would have had the same effect. They did manage to shut it off eventually and I was just laughing at how mad that guy must have been then. Not sure how many refunds they had to give, but I got $5 worth.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Been a long time

It can become difficult to come up with stuff to write about. Or maybe it's my lack of motivation, but if I learned anything in life it's to blame anything other than yourself.

Blizzcon has Diablo 3 out and about. Go play it if that's your thing. If not they also have some Cataclysm.

Star Wars celebration was this weekend. Now the movies are coming to Blu-Ray. Hard to believe their doing that. Guess George has to make money somehow.

Moira McTaggert has maybe been cast in X-Men: First Class. Adding more people to the already large cast for a film that probably doesn't have a script. Still, she is pretty.

Interview with Grant Morrison on his upcoming Batman storyline. I have been enjoying his Batman comics, so hopefully he keeps up the good work.

Not much to see here, only the new shoot em up game by Square Enix. It's called Gun Loco and I might be exited.

The Bioshock Infinite trailer looks sweet!!! As a matter of fact, the whole game looks like it should be a treat to play.

More footage of Metroid: Other M. Not sure about this and I do hate these motion controls. HRMMMMMMM!

I enjoy this NBC lineup. Looks like I know what I'll be watching.

At The Movies is no more. IFC does have their top ten reviews though. Not sure what that means.

A new trailer for Monsters is up at the website linked. Watch it IF YOU DARE! Or don't, I won't force you to.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Monday Night Combat

Monday Night Combat is a recently released game for the Xbox Live component of the Xbox 360. It's part of the games of summer, none of which interested me more than this. It's a 3rd person shooter that plays a bit like a tower defense with a Defense of the Ancients feel. If you aren't sure what those are I would recommend you Google it or try it out. Nothing beats first hand experience. There are a total of six classes that you can play as and regretfully only 2 modes to play in, but I cannot seem to get enough of it.

In Blitz you are pretty much playing a tower defense game where endless waves of robots come towards your base and you have to set up defenses to stop them from coming in. The waves of course get more difficult and the robots vary as the stages go on. As you destroy robot after robot you will accumulate money to upgrade your turrents or upgrade yourself. Each class has a variance of 4 skills to upgrade, 3 active and 1 passive, that can give you just the edge you need. Let's just say to focus on towers in Blitz mode and less on the skills, since some of them really don't help. The other mode is Crossfire where you take your skills against another team to take out their base, or money ball in this game. As you play you'll need to upgrade your turrents to defend against the steady waves of robots pouring into your base. Of course, you'll be sending your on robots to theirs and you have to push up with them, hopefully clearly a path. It's a pretty steady offense/defense stances, but it's easy enough to get the hang of it after a few games. While there have been a few connection issues with the game, it hasn't deterred me from playing a lot.

The classes you can play as vary from the Support class who can upgrade turrents and heal players and torrents to the Gunner class who can pretty much become his own torrent. Each one plays pretty differently and when played in unison with a varied team can easily take out opponents. Teamwork is a very big thing in this game, which makes me wonder why it's on Xbox Live. There seems to be a lot of the Assassin class going around partially invisible trying to kill you from behind, but are pretty easy to spot and counter. Once the newness calms down I'm hoping there will be some more variances. Just too many Assassins running at you swinging a sword looking cool only to get a shotgun to the face. Either way each class has their strengths and weaknesses so moving as a team is important. As you play you will accumulate experience points which don't really do much and money which can be used to open custom class slots and get pro tags. In the custom class your able to set your own perks which can boost your class a little, but doesn't make you superman. That would be when you get your Jet meter full. After so many kills or damage your Jet meter fills and you become pretty freakin' invincible for a while. Not actually invincible, but your difficult to kill and deal out massive damage. Either way check the game out and play a few. Hopefully they will be adding more modes too.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

On to the news..

A screenwriter for Green Lantern 2 already. Starting to make some big presumptions. Almost makes me want to see it fail, almost.

Here are some good LOST theories. Add on to the fact the LOST epilogue that was previewed in a previous post has completely leaked online. You just have to know how to find it.

Plants Vs. Zombies got the game of the year treatment. Now's a good time to check it out, even you don't like games.

Apparently there was an old Quake mod of the X-men, where you get to shoot them several times in the face.

Blockbuster now has games by mail available. Didn't even think they were still around. I guess only by mail and stand up box.

I love these gaming myths debunked. Kinda like Mythbusters for the gaming groups. This time it's the Final Fantasy 7 reviving of Aeris myth.

A Tetris world champ has been crowned. Now you know.

Okay so Valve is making a Defense of the Anciets game. Not sure why MTV is reporting it though.

Madden 11 is out, if you want to know. Though chances are if you wanted it you got it already.

What a generic looking Hulk rip off. Okay, it looks pretty good, I was only joking.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Starcraft 2 Review

I suppose after hyping it up enough that I should finally post a review of the game. As much faith as I put in the game it was exciting to finally get it, only trouble was that it took forever to install and my computer probably needs an upgrade to run it smoother, but overall it was a very entertaining story, interesting setup for the campaign and a ton of achievements to obtain.

Essentially the game picks up a few years after the previous outings with rebel James Raynor wallowing in the choices he has made and the lose of his "friend" Kerrigan. The game does a nice job of setting the story up with a nice series of voice overs catching people up on it all as you install the game. Granted you don't really have to know what's going on and why, but it definitely adds more to game. Once you get the game going, it works pretty much like the previous Starcraft games except you don't have access to everything right off the bat. As you play through missions you will slowly unlock several classic units and few new ones, so whatever you tactic of choice is should still work. The missions themselves vary greatly in their overall goals. No longer is it pretty much to destroy all of the enemy or survive for a certain amount of time. Now there is a lot of variety added to missions which may include destroying trains as they pass across the map, trying to keep your base ahead of a wave of flames creep slowly across the screen, or destroying infested buildings by day and hunkering up at night. Either way it will keep you on your toes as to what needs to be done.

One of the complaints was that it was only a Terran campaign and I understand the apprehension, but just a little note, there are some protoss campaigns as part of a side quest so you can get over that. Speaking of side quests, there are plenty of missions your don't have to do, but you should want to do them to receive funds for unit upgrades and for artifacts for special upgrades. The basic upgrades use funds generated by completing missions and can affect both units and base components. These vary from just giving them more health to adding support guns to the top of bunkers, but each costs various prices so spend wisely. Funds are also used to unlock mercenaries which can be summoned during missions are like upgraded units and are useful when you need some troops in a hurry. The artifact upgrades are chosen whenever you find a certain amount of zerg or protoss artifacts and these are the upgrades that really help. Choosing these upgrades comes at a price though, you can only choose of two. As you progress on these upgrades you will unlock a choice of one out of two possible upgrades, both of which appear incredibly useful. These are in the lines of instant supply depots or auto heal units. Either way, these are the ones that make it interesting.

Overall the campaign is incredibly entertaining and fun to play through. Even though I kinda saw where the story was headed, it definitely makes me excited for the next in the series. Between missions your treated to cut scenes which set up the next phase of missions and occasionally you get a treat of the CGI cut-scenes that Blizzard is known for. Now, I haven't spent a lot of time in the multiplayer to make much of a comment on it, but it's pretty much the same as before, only with a better looking interface and display. The real change are the maps and the newer units added into the game to change up strategies. That's also where a large chunk of the achievements lie. In the end though it wouldn't hurt to pick this up, should keep you occupied til the new Fallout comes out.